The conference “Introduce undergraduate and graduates transfer programme for students of High Quality Undergraduate Programme in International Economics”


On 28th Feb 2017, the Faculty of International Economics held a conference “Introduce undergraduate and graduates transfer programme for students of High Quality Programme in International Economics”. The guests of honours were Prof. John Luke Gallup – Portland State University- US, representatives from INDEC, International cooperation Department and Board of Committee and lectures from Faculty of International Economics.

Assoc. Prof, Dr Tu Thuy Anh – Dean of Faculty of International Economics stated that this was an annual event of the Faculty to help the students of High Quality Undergraduate Programme to widen their study and job opportunities in the future. Prof John Luke Gallup presented study opportunities, such as 3+2 programme (3 years at FTu and 1 year at Portland State University) to obtain Bachelor and Master Degree from Portland State University. Other study opportunities between FTU and worldwide partners were introduced by representatives from International cooperation Departments. The current exchange programme with 13 Japanese universities, 9 Korean universities, 2 Taiwanese universities, 22 European universities, 1 US universities, 1 Canada university, 1 Australia university, 1 New Zealand university offered valuable opportunities for FTU students in general and High Quality Undergraduate Program in International Economics in particular to experience lifestyle, study life and culture in advanced economics.

Assoc. Prof, Dr Nguyen Thi Tuong Anh also introduced the Master degree Programme MORIE. The MORIE equipped students with the ability to apply specialised knowledge to solve economics problems by enhancing analytical skill, research skill and critical thinking skill. Moreover, as the programme was taught in English, a profound language foundation was formed for better job opportunities. The graduates with excellent degree would be given priority for job opportunities at FTU.

INDEC introduced Undergraduate and Postgraduate opportunities at Northeastern University (US) and Huddersfield (UK). The program offered moderate tuition fee and special discounts for FTU students.

The conference showed great advantages of the High Quality Undergraduate Programme in International Economics for being compatible with most of the Undergraduate and graduate programmes as students from this program were easily accepted to the course at other prestigious universities in the world. The conference once again confirmed the commitment of the Faculty to support the students in all study aspects.

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