On April 25th, 2024, Foreign Trade University, Hanoi coordinated with Tarumanagara University, Indonesia to organize an International Conference on Economics, Business, Society and Humanities – ICEBSH) with the theme “Collaborative research and technology partnerships for global impact: University Education and Sustainable Development”.

ICEBSH is an international conference that is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Opinions at the conference brought many suggestions about regional and international cooperation opportunities in different fields, especially technology. The ICEBSH conference is a special event that the Faculty of International Economics was assigned by Foreign Trade University to be the focal unit for implementation. This event is also an activity that lecturers and students of the Faculty of International Economics make great efforts to organize towards the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of International Economics.

The conference aims to form a forum to promote exchange, exchange and cooperation activities in research, training and teaching among researchers in economics, business, society and humanities. At the same time, promote the engagement of researchers and lecturers with international organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations for research purposes. The two main speakers of the Conference are Mr. Denny Abdi – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Vietnam and Dr. Nguyen Ky Son, Director of the America Department, Party Central Committee’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

Speaking at the Conference, Associate Professor, Dr. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Chairwoman of the University Council of Foreign Trade University, emphasized that innovation is the main driving force of sustainable development goals (SDGs) on a national scale and global. Innovation is delivered through strategic collaborative research and technology partnerships, with higher education institutions assuming a central role. Evidence shows that embracing collaborative research and technology development will harness innovation, contribute to the SDGs and create a brighter future for everyone globally. According to Associate Professor, Dr. Le Thi Thu Thuy, in the new development strategy to 2030, vision to 2040, Foreign Trade University aims to become an innovative university, among the leading groups in Asia. One of the strategic goals of the school is to become a center for international exchange and cooperation in research and development to create, share and transfer advanced ideas and knowledge to the community for development sustainable development. “To implement this strategy, the school has actively fostered collaborations with industry, Government and academia around the world to drive innovation in education, research and community development,” Associate Professor, Dr. Le Thi Thu Thuy said.

Professor Agustinus Purna Irawan, President of Tarumanagara University (Indonesia) shares his views on the importance of higher education institutions in the process of promoting innovation and promoting cooperation in the world context. connect today. According to Mr. Irawan, by learning from research and applying technology, higher education has the ability to solve complex global challenges outlined in the SDGs.

At the Conference, Mr. Denny Abdi – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Vietnam shared on the topic “Research cooperation and technology cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam”. Mr. Denny Abdi emphasized that although the two countries have had a relationship of benefit sharing and research and technology cooperation in recent times, the partnership between Indonesia and Vietnam still faces some challenges. These challenges include differences in legal frameworks, language barriers and differing levels of research infrastructure. In addition, competition for funding and limited resources also pose significant obstacles to collaborative activities. However, overcoming these challenges will bring great opportunities for growth and progress for both sides. According to Mr. Denny Abdi, strategies to strengthen research and technology partnerships between Indonesia and Vietnam include promoting stronger institutional linkages, promoting joint research initiatives and leveraging existing platforms. existing regional platforms such as ASEAN. By aligning research priorities, pooling resources and promoting knowledge exchange, both countries can accelerate innovation and solve common societal challenges. In addition, strengthening collaboration between academia, industry and government is important to transform research findings into tangible results. Joint investments in research infrastructure, talent development and technology transfer mechanisms can facilitate the co-creation of innovative solutions with broader societal impact.

Emphasizing the content “International and regional context: Opportunities and challenges for international cooperation”, Dr. Nguyen Ky Son, Director of the Americas Department, Party Central Committee’s Foreign Affairs Committee shared about globalization. and international integration continues to make progress, but is increasingly challenged by the competition for influence of great powers and the rise of ultra-nationalism. According to Dr. Nguyen Ky Son, international integration and cooperation are the needs of every country in the context of globalization. The process of integration and cooperation is also a strong driving force promoting development towards realizing sustainable development goals. However, the world economy has not yet recovered from the crisis and may fall into recession. This requires countries to have more open and diverse connections. The ICEBSH 2024 conference has attracted great attention from domestic and international scientists. Hundreds of research articles have been sent back from Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malaysian scientists. The organizing committee reviewed and selected 194 quality articles and invited them to present in 27 parallel discussion sessions on the topics of Economics and business; The media; Psychology; Art and Design; Law, Social Sciences and Information Technology. All discussion sessions are chaired by leading scientists from Foreign Trade University.

Some pictures at the Conference:

Guests and delegates participating in the conference

Guests, delegates and students participating in the conference

Associate Professor, Dr. Le Thi Thu Thuy – Chairwoman of the Council of Foreign Trade University delivered the opening remark

Prof. Agustinus Purna Irawan, Principal of Tarumanagara University, co-organizer of the conference delivered his speech

Mr. Denny Abdi, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Vietnam delivered his speech in the conference

Dr. Nguyen Ky Son, Director of the Americas Department, Party Central Committee’s Foreign Affairs Committee spoke at the conference

Speakers of the main discussion session

The chairs of 27 parallel discussion sessions

Pro. Dr. T. H. Sam – Inti International University (Malaysia) presented in the general discussion session

Pro. Dr. Ariawan Gunadi – UNTAR University (Indonesia) presented in the general discussion session

Dr. Sri Tiari – UNTAR University (Indonesia) presented in the general discussion session

Dr. Vu Thi Phuong Mai – Faculty of International Economics, Foreign Trade University presented in the general discussion session