In any country, business sector is always a core component to promote the development of the economy. A strong and competitive business force will foster economy prosperity. On the contrary, a weak business sector with low competitiveness will make the economy backward. Especially in the context of globalization, the growth of business is often associated with international trade. International trade fosters the development of participating enterprises. However, to make good use of these engines, not all businesses can do it

Recognizing the role of trade and growth for business development in the context of international integration, on 18/4/2018, in Lien Viet Conference room, Foreign Trade University with the representative The Faculty of International Economics organized the “FIRM DYNAMICS, TRADE AND GROWTH” workshop. The seminar is where economic researchers and faculty share their researches and related knowledge on trade, growth and development dynamics for businesses in the context of global integration, It opens up new research directions and opportunities for cooperation between economists.

Attending the seminar, from Foreign Trade University side, there were: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Thu Giang – Vice Principal of Foreign Trade University; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tu Thuy Anh – Dean of Faculty of International Economics, representatives from other falcututy. From the guest side, there was the appearance of Professor Flora Bellone from the University of Côte D’Azur, France. In addition, the workshop also involved the students and lecturers who were interested.

In the opening speech of the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Thu Giang pointed out the importance of enterprises in promoting growth, especially those associating their activities with international trade activities. Through the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Thu Giang hopes that the driving force of enterprises in the context of integration will be analyzed and clarified by the researcher so that policy makers can come up with appropriate support measures for businesses.

After a photo session, the seminar started with a presentation by Flora Bellone on “Local product space and company level of churning in exported products”. Prof. Flora Bellone used micro data of French firms for the period 2002-2007 to look at the export behavior of these firms. Research shows that firms tend to adjust the structure of exports in line with the key export items that other firms in the region produce.

Following is a presentation of Dr. Pham My Hanh, “Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investment by Economic Region: Evidence from Vietnamese Micro Data”. The study has shown that the positive spillover effects of FDI on the regional economy are most evident in geographical areas with high per capita income, good labor and a high concentration of enterprises. Foreign investment. Continuing the topic of import-export activities, MSc Hoang Bao Tram presented the study “An analysis of Vietnam’s import dependency on China”, which emphasized that the trade deficit between Vietnam and China would cause severe structural impacts in the future. Finally, Dr. Chu Thi Mai Phuong presented the study “Environmental responsibility of Vietnam’s enterprises: the EMI approach”, a topic that links business, trade and environment. The study has calculated and used the EMI Environmental Management Index to assess the current status of environmental performance in Vietnamese enterprises, thus providing appropriate policy recommendations.

Presentations and discussions at the workshop contributed to enhance understanding among the team of scientists and students about trade, development and operation of enterprises. At the same time, the workshop also provided important policy recommendations to help businesses operate well in the context of economic integration. The workshop is also a prerequisite for researcher who have the same idea to meet in exchange for the formation of future research groups.