1. Structure of Internship Report:

It can be presented in three parts as traditional writing or five parts in the way of writing international articles.

1.1 Structure of 3 chapters/sections

– Chapter 1: Theory, the fundamental academic problem that topics need to solve

– Chapter 2: Current status, verification, evaluation and analysis of the actual situation of the research topic

Chapter 3: Solutions, Proposal and Recommendations to overcome limitations or improve the reality that the content in chapter 2 has shown.

1.2 Structure of 5 chapters/sections

Chapter 1: Research and/or Policy Problem

– Chapter 2: Theoretical framework and / or literature review.

– Chapter 3: Research Approach/Methodology

– Chapter 4: Results

– Chapter 5: Significance, Recommendation, and Research Extension

  1. Regulations on submitting the report for students:

– Hard copy: 02 copies, 01 copy of which is submitted directly to teachers, 01 submitted to the faculty

– Soft copy: 01 copy for teacher and 01 sent to address:


Softwares used to send word 2003, do not send PDF file

Where the file name is the same as the email address in the following format:

TTGK_K50_name and name.doc

For example: TTGK_K50_NguyenVanA.doc

  1. Key dates:

– Internship period from 1/7/2014 – 5/8/2014

– Internship report submission: 11/8/2014 (14h-16h30) at the International Economics Faculty Office

– Examiners’s result turn in date: 18/8/2014

Supervisors work with students from 25/6 – 1/7/2014.

Students are obliged to meet supervisors during the above time and comply with department regulations and requirements of the supervisors; any violating regulations will be subject to the corresponding discipline.

Students refer to the Guide to presenting the Internship Report