ELO 1 Formulate good perspective and  logical thinking
ELO 2 Explaining the view of the Party, the Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, the Vietnamese and international legal system
ELO 3 Applying microeconomic knowledge to explain the behavior of individuals, firms and the Government in the market economy, and understanding the origins, and the benefits and the model of firms and international economics.
ELO 4  Applying macroeconomic knowledge to analyse the characteristics, the structure and the behavior of the economy in general, and applying international economic knowledge to analyse trade and social policies.
ELO 5 Exercising in-depth analysis in international trade
ELO 6 Exercising in-depth analysis in sectors of the economy
ELO 7 Exercising in-depth analysis in finance and international investment
ELO 8 Exercising in-depth analysis in international development, in cost – benefit analysis in the economy
ELO 9 Applying economic analysis methods, quantitative methods, forecasting tools in economic, business, trade, social and environmental projects of firms, banks, financial institutions and international organizations.
ELO 10 Skills of analyzing and synthesizing the materials
ELO 11 Skills of analyzing, solving and making decisions in economics and business
ELO 12 Skills of analyzing, identifying and solving firms’ problems, practising managerial economics, finance and banking.
ELO 13 Skills of identifying and analyzing the effect of economic policies and financial policies on the economy, as well as on financial institutions and firms.
ELO 14 Negotiation skills
ELO 15 Skills of self-study and self-research
ELO 16 Skills of planning and working in team
ELO 17 Skills of debate, communication, and presentation.
Language and computer skills
ELO 18 English language proficiency (Level 5/6 of Vietnam Foreign Language Competence Framework issued with Circular No. 01/2014 / TT-BGDDT dated);
ELO 19 Proficieny in Microsoft-office IT (skills to use advanced IT in accordance with Circular 03/2014 / TT-BTTTT dated March 11, 2014)
Capacity of autonomy, responsibility
ELO 20 Having professional competence in international trade, international investment and international finance;
ELO 21 Self-study, accumulate knowledge, experience to improve professional expertise; professional responsibility, to adapt to the working environment;
ELO 22 Have an awareness of serving the public
ELO 23 Ability to plan, coordinate and promote collective wisdom.