1. Knowledge

PLO1: Proactively applying the foundational knowledge of political science, social science, methodology, scientific worldview, information technology, and generic knowledge in the field of international economics for life-long learning, experience-accumulating, and working;

PLO2: Applying theories of international economics and principles of international trade law in particular situations or projects;

PLO3: Assessing practical experience to apply policies and laws related to international trade within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and new-generation trade agreements based on the foundation of international economics;

PLO4: Analyzing the trends in the development of international trade in the context of global economic integration;

2. Skill

PLO5: Having the skills to synthesize, analyze, identify, and propose solutions to complex issues in the field of international trade policy and law based on the foundation of international economics;

PLO6: Having the skills to interpret and present solutions to specific situations arising in the implementation of international trade policy and law clearly; Having the skills to make presentations and work collaboratively in a team with critical thinking;

PLO7: Having proficient communication skills in English at an equivalent level of 4/6 or higher according to the Vietnam Standardized Test of English Proficiency (Pursuant to Circular No.01/2014/TT-BDGĐT) and English for specific purposes in the field of international trade policy and law;

PLO8: Having advanced skills in using office information technology (Pursuant to Circular No. 03/2014/TT-BTTTT);

3. Autonomy and responsibility

PLO9: Having the ability to proactively plan, implement, assess, and improve the effectiveness of activities including self-directed learning, accumulating knowledge and experience to enhance professional expertise and competence in the application and enforcement of international trade policies and laws;

PLO10: Having the ability to work independently or collaboratively in the changing work environment of the global context; possessing the skills to lead, actively guide, and supervise the performance of team members to accomplish defined tasks;

PLO11: Having innovative and creative thinking skills, as well as the ability to self-direct, draw professional conclusions, and defend personal viewpoints in front of a group;

PLO12: Having the resilience to overcome difficulties and challenges, taking responsibility for both individual and team tasks, as well as having the sense of providing community service; demonstrating awareness of legal compliance and professional ethics.