1. Knowledge

PLO1: Apply fundamental knowledge of political science, social sciences, methodology, scientific worldview, information technology, and other foundation courses  to lifelong learning, research, and work.

PLO2: Evaluate the relationships and impacts among entities in the economy from economic and managerial perspectives through critical thinking and empirical evidence analysis.

PLO3: Analyze and propose macro and micro-level policies and solutions for organizations operating in various sectors of the economy, especially in the context of the digital economy.

PLO4: Utilize data collection methods and qualitative and quantitative analysis in analyzing, assessing, and addressing economic issues, international development, and related fields.

2. Skills

PLO 5: Possess the ability to identify, analyze, synthesize, and solve new and complex issues in the field of economics and international economics arising in the new context

PLO 6: Demonstrate effective communication skills, including presentation, negotiation, argumentation, and critical thinking.

PLO 7: Proficiently use English with all four language skills and have specialized knowledge of English at least equivalent to level 4/6 of the Vietnam Foreign Language Competency Framework (issued according to Circular No. 01/2014/TT-BGDĐT on January 24, 2014)

PLO 8: Possess advanced skills in using office computer software (according to Circular No. 03/2014/TT-BTTTT) and be proficient in using at least one statistical software to process data.

3. Autonomous and self-responsible Aptitude

PLO 9: Demonstrate the ability to proactively plan, implement, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness of activities; self-learn and accumulate knowledge and experience to enhance professional expertise and competence.

PLO 10: Possess the capability to work independently or in teams under changing global contexts, lead, guide, and supervise team members to accomplish designated tasks.

PLO 11: Exhibit innovative and creative thinking, self-direction, make informed professional conclusions, and have the ability to defend personal perspectives before a group.

PLO 12: Display resilience in overcoming difficulties and challenges, take responsibility for oneself, the team, and have a sense of community service.