Welcome to the Faculty of International Economics at the Foreign Trade University. We are the intellectual home of a community of new-generation economists and enthusiastic, talented Vietnamese economics students.

Inheriting the traditions and teaching experience of more than 60 years in the field of International Economics at the Foreign Trade University, the Faculty of International Economics was established and developed based on the university’s strategic development framework, the development trends of the international economics sector in Vietnam, and the demand for human resources in this field. The Faculty of International Economics was officially founded on September 1, 2009, with its predecessor being the Department of Economics.

Currently, the Faculty of International Economics offers a range of programs, including the standard Bachelor’s program in International Economics, high-quality Bachelor’s program in International Economics, Bachelor’s program in Economics and International Development, standard Master’s program in International Economics with an applied orientation, Master’s program in International Economics taught in English (MIE), the International Trade Policy and Law Master’s program (MITPL), and the Doctoral program in International Economics. These programs are highly practical and tailored to Vietnamese students. When students enroll in these programs, they acquire the ability to think scientifically and independently about global economic issues, as well as those specific to Vietnam. These issues encompass the functioning of macroeconomic systems and the optimal allocation and utilization of scarce resources. As a result, after graduation, students from the Faculty have extensive job opportunities in international organizations, government agencies, businesses, financial institutions, banks, and in the fields of journalism and media.

To develop and operate high-quality and reputable training programs like these, the Faculty of International Economics is proud to have a team of experienced, passionate, creative faculty members who have graduated from various developed countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. They are highly regarded in both teaching and scientific research. Leveraging their teaching and training experience from around the world, the faculty members of the Faculty are capable of designing and implementing training programs using diverse approaches, closely aligned with international standards. This invaluable human resource also enables the Faculty to expand its network of collaboration with prestigious educational institutions worldwide. Currently, the Faculty has established cooperative relationships with the United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In addition to teaching, faculty members are particularly concerned with research and policy consulting activities. The goal of the research and consulting programs carried out by faculty members is to address practical issues at the enterprise, national, and international levels. Research topics range from academic economic issues to applied economics, policy analysis, and socioeconomic forecasting. The research results of the faculty members are published in reputable international journals and top domestic publications. The Faculty also actively contributes to enhancing students’ knowledge and skills in the field of International Economics through extracurricular activities. For many years, the Faculty has been working closely with organizations and businesses as specialist sponsors for students in major competitions, such as G-contest and the UNIDO speech contest.

In the coming years, the Faculty of International Economics will continue to improve and develop new training programs that align with the digitalization trends of the economy, based on the educational philosophy of the Faculty and the Foreign Trade University, which is to focus on liberation, practicality, nurturing honesty, a sense of responsibility, and the creative capacity of learners.

On behalf of the leadership team of the Faculty, I wish all teachers, staff, students, master’s and doctoral students, and alumni of the Faculty of International Economics and their families a safe, happy, and even more successful career.